karthick gopal

Hi there, I’m Karthick. Yes it’s spelt that way. For numerology reasons. I also believe at that time the most amount of innovation my family could muster up was to add the C.

I often joke, I’m the Karthick you can C. See?

I am an engineer by education and a learner by design. I work with one of my favourite companies of all time. I am a product and design evangelist. I love the focus there is at Apple. I have been a huge fan of Steve Jobs. That’s probably worth a blog post some day. When I’m not at work (to be honest sometimes at work too)  my interests lie in Movies, Technology, Graphic Novels, LifeHacking, Photography, Psychology and Productivity.

I’m a competitive competitive gaming fan.  The official term for that is eSports. I was a competitive gamer in the early 2000’s in Quake 3 and Warcraft 3. That meant I competed and actually won tournaments and made some money. It wasn’t for the money, it was for the glory. That’s probably another blog post. I haven’t found much time away from my work and personal life to compete again and that’s probably something I often gravitate towards. There are a few domains I think I know really well and one of them is eSports. I have championed the cause for a very long time. I hope to build something for the future generation before I hang up my threads in it.

I have tons to write, but I realised I need to go get a few things done. How about I spruce this up in some time. Meanwhile if you’d like to reach out you can hit me up at karthickgopal at gmail dot com.