A groundswell, or ground swell, is a long-period group of waves created by a distant storm system over long distances, at least 2,000 miles away from the coast.

That is the clinical definition of a groundswell. But metaphorically speaking it means that in the distance there is a concentration of efforts or people to create waves of far reaching impact.

The work and impact of Guides and Gurus is that concentration.

I came across this from Ali Abdaal. It gave a nice definition to my blog and the reason I write as well. To be a guide.

Everyone wants to be a Guru but really what you can be today is a guide.

You have probably heard of Naval. He’s been around for some time and is one of the most succinct speakers around. The way he distills knowledge and elaborates it back is a level of sophistication that few reach. But he’s reached a level of fame that makes it difficult to emulate him because he transformed from Guide to Guru. His relatability is diminished, not his advice.

I search a lot more for Guides than Gurus. I observe what the Gurus say and what their messages are but as is often the sparkle around the Guru aura leads to some inevitable disappointment. That’s not because they do wrong but the aura around them makes it easier to judge them and expect them to be perfect.

Guides get away without that burden. Without the burden of perfection.

I think that all of us can be guides. We can be guides to interesting things, or to things that you might have experienced a little before someone else does. You are probably a guide to many things already.

It’s probably because I have grown up around teachers that the instinct is strong but I think teaching what you know and empowering people is probably the most noble thing you can do. You remember your best teachers (as well as the worst ones) because the impression they leave on you when you’re young is incalculable. That’s what I hope to do when I retire; Become a teacher.

This blog is one step towards that.