Let’s begin with something small. I read a lot on the web. I thought I’ll post the most interesting links I come across and some commentary on them. I call it Read Today. It also gives me an idea of everything I read and what my interests are.

The best of today.

  1. Story about Steve Jobs demoing at UNIX – Steve did things his way. Was incredibly intense all the time but didn’t always know everything. I have had a few conversations with people at Apple who have had the pleasure of talking to Steve and working with them and this story is a classic recurring theme. He will charm you out of your body to an experience like none other. But it won’t be pleasant till he starts.
  2. Losing 100 pounds in 276 days – Clearly Alex is a programmer with the amount of data that he’s collected. But it’s fascinating that it comes down to CICO. Calories in vs calories out. This is an experiment I will now begin.
  3. Founders of Pokemon Go and their AR platform – Apple’s ARKit is probably the most advanced integration between augmentation and reality. Niantic might be parallel building something that’s just as amazing and powerful. Great videos in it too.
  4. The brain of the greatest rock climber in the world – Just watching his videos makes me sweat and I don’t like heights if im not enclosed in something like an airplane. This article talks about how we can work with the amygdala and fear-flight responses a little better.
  5. Anyone can be a designer – Every single time I face this “oh you are in design? Do you do anything?” question, I wonder where to send them to. Design is about collecting references, understanding movements, staying relevant and having the technical knowledge to deliver.