I have been inspired with the way that Manas Saloi writes. it’s a draft like template of writing posts. They aren’t SEO crafted nor are they verbose with a quote at the beginning and some grandeur point at the end. They are streams of consciousness and thoughts you can write down making it look and sound like Whatsapp chats more than “blog” posts.

I love that simplicity.

It’s freeing, I don’t have to pander to an audience like the old school days where thought leadership, meaning and all those high ended concepts that have been indoctrinated into me.

There’s been no motivation to write for a very long time. My last post was in 2021. I have written many drafts to finish 30 posts but never posted them because I was always editing, trying to always get better at structure and I have realized I post nothing. I like Fred Wilson’s writing style. Conversational and convincing. Writing is a form of expression that’s familiar with me and I gave up exploring it a long time back. I don’t know why but I think one reason could be I wanted to sound intelligent, well researched, well structured and each blog post a work of art like the way Paul Graham writes. But I lost the joy with all those expectations.

Perfection was the enemy of my progress.

So here’s to writing free and writing more.